The fact that we have dynamic team from variety of technology backgrounds, this gives us great confidence in handling wide range and complex challenges at different level of depth. We offer services in three core areas including Consultancy, Research and Professional Training Courses.


Tech Inspire team is well practised in matching customers' requirements with available technologies and vitally understanding how technology can be accessed and then exploited through effective routes to market. Our consultants have extensive and practical experience in the following areas:

  • Security Architecture and Implementation,
  • Data Privacy and Protection,
  • Cyber Security of Smart Grid,
  • Renewable Energy Systems: generation, storage and integration

Based on the expertise of our team, we assign the right consultant to develop tailored solutions that meet our client's need. We aim from our consultancy projects to build a strong platform with our clients which gives them the confidence in coming back to us every time they need help. Our strategy is based on establishing long term collaboration with our clients so we can engage at early stage in their projects development to achieve their targets more effectively.


Over the years, Tech Inspire has earned a reputation for cutting-edge research projects much of it in partnership with business, public and voluntary organisations. Our approach in conducting research is based upon our ability to bring together comprehensive knowledge of Cyber Security and Energy with key technology domains to derive highly exploitable, value-added benefits.

We utilise key technical skills to conduct specialist research work and to act as the research integrator lead to a mixed industry, external experts and academia team. Our expertise in the energy field and the novel techniques we developed in cyber security underpins our approach to research work, allowing significant advancement in the current global security and sustainability challenges.
More information about Tech Inspire research projects can be found here.

Professional Training Courses

Also known as Continuous Professional Development (CPD). At Tech we offer the following training courses:

Cyber Threat Awareness for Executives
It is important that the senior executives, senior managers and employers understand the real threats that are posed to the digitally connected organisations of the future. Senior managers need to understand the risks posed by the new generation of cyber vulnerabilities to make decisions in the event of a cyber attack. In addition to this there is also a need for the senior executives to understand the impact of a specific attack their organisations. Based on the experience through working with several governments, industries and end users the trainers of this programme have carefully identified areas in cyber security that is critical to any modern organisation.

More information about our training programme can be found here

Sustainable Energy Systems
Renewable energy and low carbon technologies are becoming increasingly in demand in recent years due to the environmental and social pressures. The search for zero and low emission energy systems to tackle the climate change challenge is currently at the top of the political agenda. This course is designed for professionals who are willing to develop good understanding of renewable energy technologies, systems integration, and supply chain. It provides a grounding on the sustainability concept in energy. It will also appeal to those who wish to gain a broader, more strategic perspective on the energy landscape and future global energy issues.

More information about our training programme can be found here